Australian photo journalist

I have over 20 years of work experience in the television industry covering world events, conflicts, breaking news and sporting events. I started my career as a young Camera/Editor in rural Australia. Since then I have lived in 6 countries, and covered major stories around the world. I know how to use various types of cameras, edit as well as manage teams. And I pride myself in building strong relationships with my colleagues.

I have lived in Beijing, London, Jerusalem, New York City and Mexico City. In Jerusalem, I spent nearly 7 years covering the prolonged Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I also covered the start of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and the uprisings in Egypt that led to the downfall of President Mubarak in 2011. Most recently, I covered President Donald Trump’s first overseas tour in the Middle East as well as several UN General Assemblies.

In my most recent position, I worked as a Senior Camera/Editor with Aljazeera English based in the United Nations headquarters in New York City. This was a specialized position that required a specific set of specialized skills and abilities: packaging a news story every day, handling incoming feeds, studio positions, and working under strict deadlines. I managed an extensive library composed of my own vision in addition to agency and external material. I was in charge of lighting all the major interviews with prominent characters, often using three to five camera set ups. During the yearly coverage of the UN General Assembly, I managed a team of around 9 camera operators. I am currently a freelance video journalist in Washington DC.

I am proficient in operating DSLRs, Broadcast Cameras and Fs7/C300s and I am also an excellent and quick editor. But most importantly, I can operate quite effectively under the pressure of deadlines. I am also proficient in Dejero lives and filing stories over IP networks as well as operating with Satellite trucks and through fibre points.

My journalism studies, my lengthy work experience as well as my extensive knowledge in current world and political events have turned me into an excellent and reliable international cameraman.